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Gift Bags and Boxes


Below is our range of gift bags and boxes, perfect for a special present.

Indicated are the number of preserves that the bag or box will accommodate but you can choose how many to include. The large gift box, large red jute bag and stockings are spacious enough to hold other goodies in addition to the preserves chosen - add your own selection of presents too!

Bags and boxes can be filled with a random selection of preserves or you can choose which ones are included. Please see the Products page for the full range. Why not theme the selection such as one for a chilli lover, for cheese or to go with meats?

Delivery in the local Ripon area may be possible. We do not offer mail order, but collection from the farm is available.

Please email  with your choice; payment will be arranged after the order is made. If you need any help in deciding, please get in touch and I'll be pleased to help.

Gift Boxes

box 5.jpg

Small Gift Box

1 bottle and 2 jars  - £12.00

4 jars - £15.50

Large Gift Box

1 bottle and 4 jars  - £18.00

6 jars - £20.50

Burgundy coloured boxes also available

Decorated with large bow and gift tag

Jute Bags

Small Red Jute Bag

2 jars - £8.00

Large Red Jute Bag

 3 jars or bottles - £12.00

3 jars and 3 bottles - £19.50

6 jars - £19.50

Decorated with hessian bow, small Christmas tree decoration and gift tag

red bag 5.jpg

Merry Christmas Bags

christmas bag 5.jpg

Quilted cloth bag

 2 jars or bottles - £9.50

Includes ribbon tied gift tag

Silver Star Bags

Various sizes

2 jars - £11

3 jars - £13.50

4 jars - £15.50

Decorated with bow and gift tag

start bag 5.jpg


stockings 5.jpg

Various designs in red or green

2 jars or bottles - £13.00

3 jars or bottles - £15.50

Includes gift tag


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