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Membership is open to anyone living or working locally to Old Sleningford Farm.  

Why become a member?

  • Enjoy handmade preserves made to traditional recipes from fresh, local ingredients.
  • Know where, how and by whom the fruit and vegetables are grown and the preserves are made.
  • Develop a connection with the land where the fruit and vegetables are grown.
  • Get involved with traditional ways of preserving fresh food.
  • Enjoy events and activities on the farm.
  • Support your local producer, not the supermarkets!

What will members get?

Each month, or every other month, members will receive:

  • Something sweet
  • Something savoury
  • Something to drink

And the option to buy additional preserves on a one off or monthly basis

To see the selection members have received each month, click here

What will it cost?

Monthly membership is £7.50, payable in advance on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis by standing order, depending whether the monthly or bi-monthly option is chosen.

Members will also get...

  • 1 additional preserve on membership anniversary for monthly deliveries paying annually.
  • Regular information about the preserves, recipe ideas and updates on what’s happening at the farm.
  • Opportunities to be involved in the harvest at peak times - a great chance to meet other members and see exactly where your preserves are coming from.

Becoming a Member

Is easy! Just a simple application and standing order form to complete. Members can join at anytime and their preserves will be delivered the month following receipt of the first payment. Request your members pack here .

What if I live locally and want to buy your preserves but don't want to become a member?

Old Sleningford Preserves isn't a retail outlet and therefore it won't be possible to just pop in for a jar of jam. However, the preserves are for sale to visitors to the farm when they come on pre-arranged visits or courses for example, so if you are just passing, drop me an email and we'll arrange something.

I don't live locally but would like to become a member

The ethos of a CSA is that local people support a local producer and therefore non-local people can't become members. However, if they visit the farm on a pre-arranged visit or course for example, they will be able to buy them then.


Terms and Conditions of Membership

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