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Mulled Apple Juice










This is an alternative drink to make if mulled wine is on the menu and there are children and drivers who would like a tipple too. It’s also a warming, soothing drink for those with coughs and colds.



·        Bottle of apple juice (750ml)

·        4 cloves

·        1 stick cinnamon

·        Sugar or honey to taste

·        Fresh apple, sliced

·        Optional – 6 allspice berries, orange or lemon peel



·        Put the apple juice, cloves, cinnamon and allspice, citrus peel if using into a pan and heat gently for 10 minutes (don’t boil)

·        Add sugar or honey to taste, stir until dissolved

·        Add the sliced apple and heat for a further 5 minutes

·        Serve in a heatproof glass or mug, with a slice of apple to garnish


If you don’t drink all the juice, it can be refrigerated and re-heated – in fact, the flavours will infuse more if it is left.


For an alcoholic version, replace the apple juice with cider